Bmw g30 speed limit display

Just read this whole thread. Is the new screen definitely needed, or is that just to make it cosmetically look nice? Also, if I were to fit Kafas, can the M4 also be coded for the collision warning, pedestrian warning and High beam assist and stuff like that? PM sent. The car is in Greece so long i remember was working before with cic Br. The car is in Greece so long i remember was working before with cic Br No, sorry. Hi guys. I've been following several threads and forums about SLI. I have to say, it's a bit confusing about what's possible, and what's not.

I've seen that there's the option of getting the chinese emulator and coding your vehicle, which seems pretty easy and affordable, however, there's also a lot of talk about FSCs and KFAS2 and so on, and I'm wondering if I'm able to get SLI without the use of an emulator which would be ideal.

I've got frontal collision detection, and lane departure warning already from the factory, so I'm assuming that means I have KFAS2. With that in mind, is there a way for me to enable SLI? If it helps, I'm in Australia, and I have a e. It looks like shawnsheridan has been really helpful PMing people with code and such, so hopefully he can help out :- Thanks in advance for being patient with a noobie. Thanks in advance for being patient with a noobie. Coded, and working on a 6WB digital cluster.

Only thing is I dont see the 'overspeed' red trailing line which would have been nice Slightly different 6wB cluster. I have a F33 4 series convertible. Except, the red trailing line when you go above the speed limit is not working. I'd love to get this working. Any ideas what will get this last piece of the feature working?

I replied to your same PM.

BMW Head Up Display: How It Works and What Information Can You See

However, only the red circle pattern appears and the speed limit number does not appear. Please send an information code to activate SLI. HI, what is the seller of the FSC meaning? No support? PM me your short VIN last 7. I would like to activate SLI.In combination with the navigation system Professional or Business, Speed Limit Info helps alert drivers to the current speed limit on the road on which they are travelling.

The camera integrated into the rear-view mirror continuously monitors road signs, including variable-message overhead signs on motorways and dual carriageways. This information is checked against the navigation system's database of speed limits.

Activation FSC codes for BMW NBT headunit import without E-Sys.

The camera ensures that additional signs or temporary restrictions - at roadworks, for example - are taken into account. As with speed limits, if the system detects an overtaking restriction, a symbol of a road sign is displayed in the instrument cluster or optional Head-Up Display until this restriction changes or no longer applies.

The system stores all the data temporarily, allowing the most recently recorded limits and restriction signs to be flagged up once again if the driver resumes a journey after a short break. In addition, a Speed Limit Device can now also be ordered as an option. The car can then accelerate without restriction up to the pre-set limit.

Should the driver wish to exceed this speed even though the speed limit function is activated, a short, firm stamp on the accelerator lifts the restriction briefly. The function becomes active again as soon as the car slows back down below the pre-set limit. System limits Personal responsibility The system cannot serve as a substitute for the driver's personal judgment of the traffic situation.

In the event of a warning, do not jerk the steering wheel, as you Press button 1 and remove the cover. Insert the snap-in adapter at the front, arrow 1, and press down, arrow 2, until it engages.

To remove the snap-in adapter: press button 1. Data on the vehicle's service requirements can be sent directly to the service center. In this way, the se Home New Top Sitemap Search. See also: System limits Personal responsibility The system cannot serve as a substitute for the driver's personal judgment of the traffic situation.Most fans are still gawking at its looks and its impressive cabin.

It all starts with the chassis. Its chassis has been lightened with extensive uses of aluminum and high-strength steel. The new front double-wishbone suspension has been given new kinematics to provide sharper steering and handling response while also increasing long distance comfort. The rear five-link suspension has also been revised to work in tandem with the new front suspension, providing exceptional high-speed stability. Integral Active Steering rear-wheel steering in BMW speak is also available on the new 5 Series, allowing for sharper dynamics and better high-speed maneuvering.

The new Dynamic Damper System has also been recalibrated, with new algorithms and new valves, to increase handling without any sacrifice in comfort. BMW has also upgraded the Active Anti-Roll Stabilization system, ditching the old hydraulic anti-roll bar actuators for electric swivel motors. These are faster acting and more precise, allowing for far improved body control. Plus, this system is lighter and more energy efficient. If this system is combined with the Dynamic Damper Control and the Professional Navigation system, 5 Series buyers will also get an Adaptive driving mode.

This utilizes not only the driving style, acceleration and transmission data, but also the navigation system to create the perfect chassis feel. The new G30 5 Series also features an extensive amount of driver aids and driver assistance systems, much like its 7 Series older brother.

When combined with the optional Active Cruise Control ACCthe 5 Series is capable of adjusting itself to the pre-selected speed of traffic.

bmw g30 speed limit display

Using an array of sensors, the 5 Series can basically drive itself in traffic: come to a complete stop when necessary and start back up again when able. There are new speed limit systems incorporated into the ACC, as well. The optional Speed Limit Info system uses a stereo camera to monitor speed limits and display them to the driver.

So your car will always be prepared for upcoming speed restrictions and can help you be proactive about it.

bmw g30 speed limit display

This can monitor the lanes in the road and help keep the driver safe by adding corrective steering in three different situations. Or, if someone else is cutting into your lane and about to crash into your car, it will provide corrective steering to avoid the collision. All of these lane departure assistants work at speeds up to 70 mph. One of the more impressive parts about all of the driver assistance systems is the evasive maneuver function. Maybe you take your eyes off the road for a moment and something rolls into the middle of there road, the 5 Series can actually attempt to swerve around it.

It can do this at speeds of up to 99 mph.It continually sets the benchmark that rival car makers find themselves breathlessly trying to keep pace with. Each time the German engineers wheel out a new generation of 5, they take a step back, hand over the keys and give one another the briefest of knowing looks.

bmw g30 speed limit display

But it would be vulgar and most unlike German engineers to boast of their achievements. Instead, they let the car do the talking. And so it is with the seventh generation 5-series. No fanfare; no celebrity endorsements; and no Jaguar-style PR stunts with cars crossing the Thames on a high-wire.

2017 BMW G30 5 Series – Technological Powerhouse

Just the car, and the key. Not in the traditional sense of a piece of steel that slots into a lock barrel. In fact, a lot of things are optional on the new BMW 5-series.

Drivers could spend a frightening sum of money on extras for this latest 5-series. And, frankly, some of the options on the latest 5-series are a waste of time. It only had a one-in-five success rate when we tried it — unlike the traditional steering wheel-mounted buttons, which work first time, every time, and let you keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. The interior of the seventh-generation 5-series is spacious, accommodating and the boot of the saloon is surprisingly long, with litres of luggage space.

BMW also appears to have worked hard at matching Audi and Mercedes for the tactile quality in the cabin. The M Sport package on the d brings 18 inch alloy wheels, a smattering of M badging, a bodykit with gloss-black window trim and sporty steering wheel and pedals, amongst others.

The finished effect attracted positive comments in the school car park, especially in its black paintwork. Mrs Mills thought it was an M3. Hidden beneath all this is a new aluminium chassis which saves up to kg compared with the last car and the familiar range of four-cylinder and six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, as well as a plug-in electric-petrol hybrid version in the e.

Four-wheel-drive is available on the majority of models. The backbone of the range, though, is the d. Despite testing it on a mixture of main roads, cross-country routes and in town, the best we achieved was 41mpg. And generally, performance is docile. BMW says it will accelerate from mph in 7. However, the level of comfort in this car is outstanding.

Everything from the seats to the suspension to the steering feels like it was designed to soothe away the strains of a stressful day. If you wanted a car to drive from one side of Europe to the other, or just up and down the M1, this is your motor.Remember Me? Private First Class. Hi Guys, Been playing around with Bimmercode App, using lots of resources found online and expert mode, I managed to code some stuff like accoustic lock, tyre temperature and I think I managed to code enhanced bluetooth as I get all the check boxes for email sms etc, just need someone to text me!

I do have "- - -" displaying where the sign should be and in Eco Pro, when the speed limit is about to change, instead of showing MPH in a blue circle like id did before, it now actually has the new upcoming limit in a little blue circle. I also noticed that when I press the Speed Limiter button on my steering wheel, it lights up grey rather than green. Can this be done or am I wasting my time? Many thanks in advance. Appreciate 0. I am also interested. Me too, think you have a following! Cheers, Alan.

I have the bimmercode app for g What can you do in expert mode. Any tips would help. Major General. Originally Posted by Short Find More Posts by Almaretto. I have adaptive headlights so I believe I have the required hardware. Is it difficult to code these sorts of things? This can be done, but you need an FSC code.For more information about coding, see here. United Kingdom is the same sound as Europe, the duration of the alarm is eight times longer.

The menu can be found in the same menu as the other locking confirmation settings in the iDrive. You can then check if the module for the anti theft alarm system was found or not. These FRM versions started to be installed after ca. Only use this coding if the standard codings did not work. Use the codings below to customize the brake force display. Instead they complete their wiping cycle. This only works if comfort access is installed. Touch the locking area on the door handle for a longer time to close all windows and the sunroof.

This coding cannot be used to activate a retrofitted comfort access. When the comfort access is deactivated, neither closing nor opening the car via the door handle will work. Therefore the car cannot be stolen anymore by tricking the comfort access.

To activate follow me home lights, activate the flash to pass, while the enginge is off. For pre-facelift models 30 kph is recommended, due to the less stable construction of the roof.

Also, this function often requires adaptive headlights to be installed. The menu can be found in the same menu as the other light settings in the iDrive. Also, cornering light often requires adaptive headlights to be installed. Might not work if an iDrive system is installed.

Press it again to lower the driver side window. Since some gearbox types especially automatic do not provide the data for the Gear Shift Indicator to the KOMBI, the Gear Shift Indicator might be inactive or permanently show no current gear, even after enabling this function. This coding only works when the DWA module is installed. The menu can be found in the same menu as the other heater settings in the iDrive. Also, changing the heating distribution often only works on 5 series with sport seats.

This has the effect that the shown speed is a bit higher than the true speed of the car. This warning is usually only shown in US-models. Use this function to set the duration after which the car is automatically locked.

Unlocking it again unlocks the other doors, too. This function often only works in 5 series models. If warnings for the turn signals are shown after successfully coding this, please disable the voltage monitoring for the turn signals. This warning is most likely due to the fact that your car is not a US model. Separate setting for key 1. Separate setting for key 2.

Separate setting for key 3. Separate setting for key 4. If available, please activate this option for the different keys as well. In some cases, this option also needs to be enabled in the iDrive. Voltage Monitoring Angel Eyes voltage monit. Might cause flickering of LED lights.Privacy Terms.

Skip to content. Quick links. Speed Limit Display Get your M2 fix here. I realised how much I used to rely on it with the Audi, when a Police car suddenly started following me in the M2 on an unfamiliar road yesterday - and I wasn't sure what the limit was!

BMW Coding BMW X5 F15

I seem to recall there was the speed limit display as an option? But haven't. So, is there any way of getting the current speed limit displayed if it wasn't specced Any help appreciated. A search on here should throw something. So it can read temporary speed limits on motorways etc.

Maybe the Audi system is just nav only? It blocks the camera used for speed limit display and the driver assist. And I have got the grey sun visor - so will have to look at a freestanding unit Something I miss coming from a vehicle that had it equipped given the mileage in unfamiliar places. F82 M4cp - Special Colours! F87 M2 - most toys - gone!

F80 M3 - even more toys - gone! Still rather it on my dash but hey ho Carplay may finally justify itself. Board index All times are UTC.


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